Artist Submission Procedure

Thank you for your interest in Chalk & Vermilion Fine Arts. If you wish to have our company review your artwork, please send us the following information:

  • Samples of your work (preferably photos or slides)
  • Your contact information (name, address, phone number)
  • A résumé and/or a biography.
  • Any other information you can share with us on you (the artist) and on your art.

Please do not send in any original work, as we decline responsibility on any loss or damage. If you wish to have your samples returned to you, please provide us with a self-labeled envelope with proper postage.

Please address your submission to:

Chalk & Vermilion Fine Arts
Attn: Artist Submission Department
55 Old Post Road #2 Greenwich, CT 06830

The process takes approximately two months to be reviewed by our entire committee. You will then receive a response by mail. Thank you again for your interest in our company.