Kerry Hallam Tours Japan

Greenwich, CT – Chalk & Vermilion artist Kerry Hallam was recently invited to be the honored guest of Art Collection House, on a two-and-a-half week tour of Japan. This trip marks the fourth of its kind for Mr. Hallam and included exhibitions in Tokyo, Yokohama and Osaka. 
       The tour, which took place from June 8th until June 24th, was an opportunity for Hallam to reconnect with his many Japanese collectors. He has traveled there many times in his artistic career, and each trip has proven to be successful from both a sales and relationship-building standpoint. The main focus of this year’s trip was to be a part of two large exhibitions, one in Tokyo and one in Osaka. Groups of VIP Hallam clients were invited to join him for lavish dinners, complete with entertainment and the artist’s undivided attention. Hallam refers to these small parties as “quite successful and enjoyable.”
      In between the two large shows and the smaller, private shows, Hallam had arranged for a temporary studio to continue his painting. He also had a personal interpreter Rei Manabe (shown left with Hallam), to whom he gave high marks saying she demonstrated a remarkable ability to keep up with his banter and convey his humor. Hallam is a gifted raconteur, with a talent for humorous off-the-cuff remarks, a quality he credits to be “the ultimate ice-breaker,” quite useful in a situation such as this one.
      Hallam took a few minutes recently to share some details about his experience.   When asked what might have changed in Japan since his last visit, Hallam replied “It’s still a pristine country— no trash, no graffiti, no dirt. The people are delightful— generous, polite, caring and warm. They go out of their way to make one comfortable and happy— that has not changed.” Although it was a long and strenuous schedule, the opportunity to meet old friends and new collectors and bridge two cultures with his art made his trip both a successful and memorable one. 

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