Chalk & Vermilion Fine Arts to release final Erté bronze collection in March 2006

Greenwich, CT—Chalk & Vermilion Fine Arts, the publisher of Art Deco artist, Erté, has announced that they will be releasing the final collection of his bronzes in March of 2006.  The group of eight sculptures: Cabaret, Café Society, Chinchilla, Michelle, On the Avenue, Soleil de Nuit, Roaring Twenties and Starfish comprise the Art Deco Collection, named for the elegant and sophisticated style of art that Erté epitomized. 

As with so many of Erté’s published graphics and sculptures, a number of works from this collection are based on fashion and theatrical designs. Starfish was a costume design for the Folies Bergere production of “Fonds de la Mer” in 1919. Cabaret was a costume design for a 1940 production entitled Walzertraum and Soleil de Nuit and Chinchilla were both fashion illustrations featured in Harper’s Bazaar in 1917 and 1924 respectively. Others such as Roaring Twenties, On the Avenue and Michelle are based on his gouache paintings and embody the archetypical look of their fashionable era.

Each of the sculptures has been cast in the lost-wax method with patination, luminescent golf leaf accents and polished embellishments. “It is very appropriate” according to Eric Dannemann, president of Chalk & Vermilion Fine Arts, “that this last collection in the Erte Sculpture line is to be called the ‘Art Deco Collection’ as Erté is widely known as the father of Art Deco”.

       Galleries wishing to take advantage of the special incentive pricing being offered on this final collection should contact Chalk & Vermilion Fine Arts at 800-877-2250. 

Brochures of this collection available by request

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