Kerry Hallam Tours U.S. west coast, Hawaii and Japan

Greenwich, CT – For six weeks during the months of September and October 2006, Chalk & Vermilion artist and celebrated impressionist, Kerry Hallam, enjoyed a series of successful one-man shows in California and Hawaii. During that time, Mr. Hallam also embarked on a two and half week tour of Japan where he was the honored guest of Art Collection House, one of Japan’s largest chain of art galleries. This trip to Japan marked the fifth of its kind for Mr. Hallam and included exhibitions in Tokyo and Osaka.
Each of his Japan tours has proven to be successful from both a sales and relationship-building standpoint. Mr. Hallam enjoyed spending time with VIP clients at private parties where he gave his undivided attention to collectors over marvelous dinners complete with musical entertainment.
        In speaking about the tour, which took place from September 14th until October 3rd, Mr. Hallam said, “Japan is such a delightful country and the people are so hospitable, generous and considerate that it is always a great treat for me to visit.”
        Now back in the United States, Mr. Hallam is focusing his attention on creating new nautical chart paintings, wine paintings and Mediterranean scenes due to the increasingly high demand for these works.        In the seminars, undergraduate and graduate students work with faculty to study a subject and mount an exhibition in one of the University's galleries. The latest Halpern-Rogath Curatorial Seminar, “The Early Modern Painter-Etcher,” will run from April 15th to June 11, 2006.

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