"The Legendary Erté" on DVD Now Available

Greenwich, CT – Chalk & Vermilion Fine Arts, publishers of the work of Erté, announces the release of a DVD about the life and work of the Father of Art Deco. Capturing the timeless quality of the great artist’s work in today’s preferred medium, it contains archival footage of Erté’s last in-person interview, making it important in an art historical sense as well as an inspiring and enjoyable presentation.

The DVD begins with Erté talking about his early years, and presents the history of not only the artist and his work, but puts his visionary creations into modern context, enhancing our knowledge of Erté and furthering the joy of owning and collecting his artwork. Eric Dannemann, president, calls this DVD “an appropriate tribute to a man who left an indelible mark on the twentieth century, and whose art has been a source of enjoyment to a vast number of collectors around the world.”

This DVD release comes at an exciting time for Erté admirers, with several international exhibitions now in progress and in the planning stages. The Pompidou museum in France is currently exhibiting his well known “Alphabet” suite, while the Brooklyn Museum in New York is planning a major Erté exhibit during the celebration year for the ter-centenary of St. Petersburg. In December of this year, the Los Angeles County Museum will mount an exhibition of early 20th century theater costumes, which will prominently feature spectacular opera costumes designed by Erté.

For a limited time, a complimentary copy of the Erté DVD is available by calling 800-877-2250.

Chalk & Vermilion Fine Arts, one of America’s foremost publishers of contemporary fine art prints and sculpture, represents a number of today’s most popular artists from around the world, such as Fanny Brennan, Erté, Kerry Hallam, Liudmila Kondakova, Thomas McKnight, and Bruce Ricker.

For further information:
Maria Saraceno Ward
(203) 869-9500, ex.248

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